Apple Spice Resin Infused Pre-Rolls

Limited time strain of “Apple Fritter” just in time for the holidays, offering sweet apple undertones mixed with a smooth smoke and some festive spice. The resin infused pre-rolls maintain all the terpenes from the live plant and are well known to be small but mighty. This 3 pack of 0.5g pre rolls are perfect for individual consumption and also make it easy to hand out in small shareable sizes this holiday season.

  • STRAIN Apple Fritter
  • STRAIN TYPE Hybrid
  • FLAVOR PROFILE Apple, Sweet, Spice, Vanilla
  • SIZE(S) 3 x 0.5g
  • Avg THC
  • Avg CBD
  • Avg Terps
  • TOP TERPENES Limonene, Caryophyllene
  • Product available in : Alberta
    British Columbia