who we are


We are a cutting-edge, full spectrum, high-terpene cannabis extraction and cultivation company located in Red Deer, Alberta. Stigma Grow is positioned advantageously to meet the unmet market demands and stigmas within the legal cannabis industry head on. Our cannabis products are designed to disturb the status quo and dramatically shift the conversation surrounding Canada’s legal cannabis industry.

However, we aren’t just Stigma Grow. We’re also other brands Powered by Stigma Grow. Dab Bods brings you fun and quality products at a comfortable price point. Our NGL brands introduce full spectrum, high-terpene vape cartridges loaded with natural flavours and aromas. And our newest brand, High Priestess, provides you with high quality cannabis products whether you’re looking for something strong, calm or something that provides balance.

what we do


Our team has a strong background in quality control, optimal yields and an ability to achieve a wide-range of cannabinoid profiles. This ensures our uniquely crafted dry flower and extracted cannabis products offer Albertans the potency, consistency and high-quality experience lacking from many big-scale, commercial cannabis producers. We look forward to growing marijuana that is capable of generating more positive experiences for the plant and industry that we all love.

Equipped with an approved cultivation license from Health Canada, Stigma Grow is actively growing and extracting cannabis in our 66,000 sq/ft Red Deer, Alberta facility, with plans to accommodate future growing and extraction capabilities. Stigma utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to achieve the highest levels of accurate, consistent flavours and effects in every batch of products produced.Together with support from the Province we serve, we strive to better meet the growing demands of Canada’s cannabis industry.

Stigma Grow in the Community


We seek honest and transparent communication with our communities. The legal cannabis industry can be somewhat confusing, so we strive to communicate proactively, answering your questions as quickly and accurately as possible. We are committed to active engagement in the happenings of our communities; supporting the need to address lingering stigmas with accurate education, and providing a one-stop-shop for industry news, updates and opportunities. Wherever possible, we choose to work with those who share our values. Together, we can work harder, give more and achieve more than any of us could on our own.