Dab Bods, powered by Stigma Grow, has one goal… To help everybody find a cannabis extract that they’re comfortable with! We do this by bringing new and fun products to the Canadian cannabis market. Whether you’re looking for a potent and pure extract or a mixture of “AAAA” flower and top-selling concentrate. Dab Bods provides only the highest quality full spectrum cannabis extracts and infused flower products at a price point that is MORE THAN COMFORTABLE! Whether you’re a newbie or veteran cannabis user, our full-spectrum, BHO extracted cannabis products can stand up to anything in the market today. We have yet to see a brand that matches both our quality and price points thanks to our unique ability of keeping cost control in-house.

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White Gushers Shatter Dartz

Aromas of creamy peach and tropical fruit!

Blue Zkittlez Shatter Dartz

A floral and citrus burst of berry flavours!

Sour Mango Infused Flower

Explosive sour and tropical tastes of mango!

Honeydew Cucumber Disti Vape

Exciting bold burst of honeydew and cucumber

Baja Banana Disti Vape

Ripe banana and sweet juicy tangerine aromas

Sweet Island Coconut Disti Vape

Sweetened fruit with a delicious mix of coconut!

Berrylicious Electric Dartz

Aromas of wild berries and sweet cream drifting out of each super slim pre-roll.

Cherry Electric Dartz

Zweet cherry provides a cheeky blast of sweet and fruity cherry flavours.

Alaska Thunder Grape Electric Dartz

An indica dominant explosion of sweet, skunky and earthy GRAPE!

Pineapple Express Electric Dartz

Pineapple Express is sure to leave you with a far out happy tropical haze!

Mystery Live Resin Vape

Featuring an ever-changing, mysterious variety of strains.

Grape Ape Live Resin Vape

Tasty & sweet with juicy grape-like flavours

OG Lime Killer Live Resin Vape

Mimicking the sweet citrus of a mimosa

Unicorn Pizz FSE Shatter Vape

Pungent fruity and tropical citrusy aromas

Blueberry FSE Shatter Vape

Bursting with blueberry and subtle vanilla

Berry Special Resin Infused

Discover fruity, resin-infused delight!

Citrus Special Resin Infused

Sweet and fruity citrus

Strawberry Freeze Resin Infused

Sweet strawberries & menthol

Georgia Peach Resin Infused

Sweet peaches and vanilla

Green Monkey Moon Rocket

Powerful combination of top flower, resin and kief

Indica Milled Flower

Terpene enhanced flower, milled and ready for use.

Sativa Milled Flower

Terpene enhanced flower, milled and ready for use.

Hawaiian Shatter Infused

Hawaiian cannabis infused and pre-rolled with same strain shatter

Animal Mints Resin Infused

Minty menthol ice and earthy undertones

Apple Spice Resin Infused

Sweet apple undertones mixed with some festive spice.

Melonberry Resin Infused

Fruity watermelon & citrus berry

Melonberry Moon Rocket

Subtle watermelon & afternotes of berries, citrus and fruit

Melonberry FSE Shatter Vape

Potent but subtle tropical fruit flavour and aromas

Diesel Kush Infused Flower

Enjoy pungent flavours of earthy diesel and skunk

Orange Hill Shatter Infused

Orange Hill flower combined with fragments of same strain shatter

OG Lime Killer Infused Flower

Delicious explosion of lime, flower and pine flavours

Grape Ape Infused Flower

Robust flavours of ripe grapes and sweet berry citrus

Sour Diesel Moon Rocket

Powerful combination of top flower, resin and kief

Blueberry Shatter

High-quality extract with potencies up to 82%

Pineapple Chunk Infused Flower

Cheesy and earthy skunk with under notes of pineapple

Limoncello Infused Flower

Lemon flavours with hints of mango, pine and pepper

Blueberry Infused Flower

Explosive flavours of blueberry, vanilla, spice and musk

Blueberry Caviar (Diamonds+Sauce)

Combining the best of both live resin sauce & diamonds

Hawaiian FSE Shatter Vape

Potent but subtle tropical fruit flavour and aromas

Orange Hill FSE Shatter Vape

Reminiscent of a tropical party of flavours

Blueberry Moon Rocks

Fresh aromas of a blueberry muffin and vanilla flavours

Diesel Kush Moon Rocks

An aroma explosion of earthy diesel and skunk

Diesel Kush Resin Infused

Pungent earthy diesel skunk

Pineapple Chunk Resin Infused

Cheese and earthy skunk

Limoncello Resin Infused

Lemon with mango, pine & pepper

Blueberry Resin Infused

Deluxe blueberry delight

OG Lime Killer Moon Rocks

Smooth, fruity, flavourful mixes with a hint of citrus

Grape Ape Resin Infused

Grape Ape: fruity perfection

Pineapple Punch Live Resin Vape

A combination of delicious tropical flavours

Watermelon Sugar Live Resin

Sweet and scrumptious watermelon sugar

Hawaiian Sativa Shatter

Potent with a translucent, glass-like consistency

Orange Hill Indica Shatter

Pure with a translucent, glass-like consistency

Fuzzy Peach Shatter 2.0

Next-gen Fuzzy Peach Shatter!

Baja Banana Disti Joints

A fruity sweet sensational banana packed pre-roll.

Black Cherry Punch Shatter Dartz

Summer vibes: Black Cherry Punch

Blackberry Gelato Live Resin Dab Syringe

Indulge in fruity, euphoric bliss

Blue Dream Disti Joint

Dreamy pre-roll, budget-friendly bliss!

Blue Lobster 60's+ Dbl Infused

Join the 60's Club

Disti Joint Taster Pack

Sweet Island Coconut, Baja Banana, Widow's Blood

Gelato Electric Dartz Lights

Summer treat: Gelato Electric Dartz

Ghost Train Haze Resin Infused

Spooky season year-round!

Harlequin & Granddaddy Purple Electric Dartz Lights

Harlequin meets Granddaddy Purple

Hawaiian Plushers 60's+ Dbl Infused Pre-Rolls

Join 60's Club: Hawaiian Plushers

Motor Breath 60's + Dbl Infused

High-octane, terpy delight!

Pink Lemonade Disti Dab Syringe

Zesty Pink Lemonade concentrate!

Pomegranate Passion Disti Vape

Sweet pomegranate and zesty pineapple citrus

Purple Sunset Disti Joint

Summer evening: Purple Sunset

Rockstar Shatter 2.0

Rockstar Shatter steals spotlight!

Super Lemon Haze Electric Dartz

Sunny vibes in every puff

Sweet Island Coconut Disti Joints

Sweetened fruit with a delicious mix of coconut!

Tiger's Blood Disti Dab Syringe

Tropical Indica Bliss

Tropical Burst 60's+ Dbl Infused Pre-Rolls

Join 60's Club with Tropical Burst

Watermelon Zum Zum Resin Infused Milled Flower

Sour citrus, fresh melons

White Gushers FSE Shatter Vape

Fruity White Gushers Vape

Widows Blood Disti Dartz

Summer adventure in every puff!

Widows Blood Disti Joints

Pungent smells of cotton candy and fruity citrus!

Widows Blood Disti Vape

Pungent smells of cotton candy and fruity citrus!

Manic Mango Milled Flower

Tropical mango with hints of sour diesel.

Grape Ape 1.0g Resin Infused

Ripe grapes & sweet berry citrus

Fuji Apple Moon Rocks

Tastes of candy apples with hints of pineapple and vanilla

Blue Dream Disti Dartz

Blueberry pie with fruity vanilla

Pink Frozay Resin Infused

Sour citrus with sweet spice
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