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Unicorn Pizz Vape Splash

Unicorn Pizz FSE Shatter Vape

Pungent fruity and tropical citrusy aromas

Blueberry Vape Splash

Blueberry FSE Shatter Vape

Bursting with blueberry and subtle vanilla

DabBods AppleSpice InfusedPreRolls

Apple Spice Resin Infused

Sweet apple undertones mixed with some festive spice.

Strawberry Freeze PR Splash

Strawberry Freeze Resin Infused

Berry tasty sweet strawberries on ice

DabBods InfusedPreRolls and Package AnimalMints Upright

Animal Mints Resin Infused

Minty menthol ice and earthy undertones

DabBods InfusedPreRolls and Package GeorgiaPeach Upright

Georgia Peach Resin Infused

Subtle flavours and aromas of a sweet Georgia Peach

Melonberry PR Splash

Melonberry Resin Infused

Watermelon with subtle undertones of fruit, citrus and berry

DabBods MoonRocketBlunt and Package Side

Melonberry Moon Rocket

Subtle watermelon & afternotes of berries, citrus and fruit

DabBods LiveResinVape and Package

Peppermint Twist CBD Live Resin Vape

Sweet apple undertones and some festive spice!

DabBods LiveResinVape and Package

Apple Spice Live Resin Vape

Sweet apple undertones and some festive spice!

Melonberry Vape Splash

Melonberry FSE Shatter Vape

Potent but subtle tropical fruit flavour and aromas

WhiteNGL Vape and Package

Purple Punch Live Resin Vape

Tart Kool-Aid candy and blueberry