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DabBods InfusedPreRolls and Package GrapeApe Upright

Grape Ape Resin Infused

Ripe grapes and sweet berry citrus profile

DabBods InfusedPreRolls and Package DieselKush Upright

Diesel Kush Resin Infused

Pungent flavours of earthy diesel skunk

DabBods InfusedPreRolls and Package Blueberry Upright

Blueberry Resin Infused

Explosive flavours of blueberry & subtle vanilla

DabBods OGLimeKiller MoonRocks and Package

OG Lime Killer Moon Rocks

Smooth, fruity, flavourful mixes with a hint of citrus

DabBods DieselKush MoonRocks and Package

Diesel Kush Moon Rocks

An aroma explosion of earthy diesel and skunk

DabBods Blueberry MoonRocks and Package

Blueberry Moon Rocks

Fresh aromas of a blueberry muffin and vanilla flavours

DabBods ResinInfusedMilledFlowerPackaging 001

Pineapple Chunk Infused Flower

Cheesy and earthy skunk with under notes of pineapple

DabBods ResinInfusedMilledFlowerPackaging 002

OG Lime Killer Infused Flower

Delicious explosion of lime, flower and pine flavours

DabBods ResinInfusedMilledFlowerPackaging 001

Limoncello Infused Flower

Lemon flavours with hints of mango, pine and pepper

DabBods ResinInfusedMilledFlowerPackaging 003

Grape Ape Infused Flower

Robust flavours of ripe grapes and sweet berry citrus

DabBods ResinInfusedMilledFlowerPackaging 002

Blueberry Infused Flower

Explosive flavours of blueberry, vanilla, spice and musk


Blueberry Caviar (Diamonds+Sauce)

Combining the best of both live resin sauce & diamonds

DabBods ResinInfusedMilledFlowerPackaging 001

Diesel Kush Infused Flower

Enjoy pungent flavours of earthy diesel and skunk