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WhiteNGL Vape and Package

Blueberry Rush Live Resin Vape

Distinct flavours of blueberries and vanilla

WhiteNGL Vape and Package

Banana Punch Live Resin Vape

A punch of banana and a slight citrus kick

BlackNGL Vape and Package

Zweet Inzanity Live Resin Vape

Intense citrusy flavour with pine undertone

BlackNGL Vape and Package

Strawberry Freeze Live Resin

Sweet fresh strawberry with a subtle freeze

BlackNGL Vape and Package

Georgia Peach Live Resin Vape

Subtle flavours of a sweet Georgia Peach

HP Scorpio Vape and Package

Scorpio THC Live Rosin Vape

Robust juicy and fruity flavours in this live rosin

HP Libra Vape and Package

Libra 1:1 Live Resin Vape

Sweet berry bubble gum layered over earthy wood

HP Aquarius Vape and Package

Aquarius CBD Live Resin Vape

Compelling blue raspberry flavours and floral aromas

Orange Hill Vape Splash

Orange Hill FSE Shatter Vape

Reminiscent of a tropical party of flavours

Hawaiian Vape Splash

Hawaiian FSE Shatter Vape

Potent but subtle tropical fruit flavour and aromas

Watermelon Sugar Vape Splash

Watermelon Sugar Live Resin

Sweet and scrumptious watermelon sugar

Pineapple Punch Vape Splash

Pineapple Punch Live Resin Vape

A combination of delicious tropical flavours