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Orange Hill PR Splash

Orange Hill Shatter Infused

Orange Hill flower combined with fragments of same strain shatter

OG Lime Killer IMF Splash

OG Lime Killer Infused Flower

Delicious explosion of lime, flower and pine flavours

Grape Ape IMF Splash

Grape Ape Infused Flower

Robust flavours of ripe grapes and sweet berry citrus

DabBods MoonRocketBlunt and Package Side

Sour Diesel Moon Rocket

Powerful combination of top flower, resin and kief


Blueberry Shatter

High-quality extract with potencies up to 82%

Pineapple Chunk IMF Splash

Pineapple Chunk Infused Flower

Cheesy and earthy skunk with under notes of pineapple

Limoncello IMF Splash

Limoncello Infused Flower

Lemon flavours with hints of mango, pine and pepper

Blueberry IMF Splash

Blueberry Infused Flower

Explosive flavours of blueberry, vanilla, spice and musk


Blueberry Caviar (Diamonds+Sauce)

Combining the best of both live resin sauce & diamonds

Hawaiian Vape Splash

Hawaiian FSE Shatter Vape

Potent but subtle tropical fruit flavour and aromas

Orange Hill Vape Splash

Orange Hill FSE Shatter Vape

Reminiscent of a tropical party of flavours

BlackNGL Vape and Package

Strawberry Freeze Live Resin

Sweet fresh strawberry with a subtle freeze