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Sour Mango IMF Splash

Sour Mango Infused Flower

Explosive sour and tropical tastes of mango!

Honeydew Cucumber Vape Splash

Honeydew Cucumber Disti Vape

Exciting bold burst of honeydew and cucumber

Baja Banana Vape Splash

Baja Banana Disti Vape

Ripe banana and sweet juicy tangerine aromas

Sweet Island Coconut Vape Splash

Sweet Island Coconut Disti Vape

Sweetened fruit with a delicious mix of coconut!

Berrylicious Dartz Splash

Berrylicious Electric Dartz

Aromas of wild berries and sweet cream drifting out of each super slim pre-roll.

Cherry Dartz Splash

Cherry Electric Dartz

Zweet cherry provides a cheeky blast of sweet and fruity cherry flavours.

Alaska Thunder Grape Dartz Splash

Alaska Thunder Grape Electric Dartz

An indica dominant explosion of sweet, skunky and earthy GRAPE!

Pineapple Express Dartz Splash

Pineapple Express Electric Dartz

Pineapple Express is sure to leave you with a far out happy tropical haze!

Mystery Vape Splash

Mystery Live Resin Vape

Featuring an ever-changing, mysterious variety of strains.

Grape Ape Vape Splash

Grape Ape Live Resin Vape

Tasty & sweet with juicy grape-like flavours

OG Lime Killer Vape Splash

OG Lime Killer Live Resin Vape

Mimicking the sweet citrus of a mimosa

Unicorn Pizz Vape Splash

Unicorn Pizz FSE Shatter Vape

Pungent fruity and tropical citrusy aromas