5 Common Stigmas Surrounding Cannabis Businesses

You don’t have to look very hard to find misinformation about cannabis. For decades, movies, commercials and concerned-citizen public service announcements have grossly misrepresented both its effects and the types of people who consume it.

And while we would never suggest that cannabis is a risk-free product, and understand that it is not a product for everyone, we believe it’s important to separate the truth from the propaganda.

To that end, here is a short list of common misunderstandings that we’ve come across when it comes to conversations specific to the business of operating a cannabis dispensary.

1. CANNABIS COMPANIES WANT TO SELL TO KIDS In reality, getting a license to sell cannabis isn’t easy, and nobody wants to risk losing their business for the chance to make a few bucks off a minor. Furthermore, there are plenty of restrictions and legislation designed to reduce this risk.

2. CANNABIS COMPANIES OPERATE IN SHADY, DOWNTOWN AREAS THAT AREN’T SAFE. Most cannabis companies, are focused on offering convenient locations within areas where people already live and shop; complementing existing retail habits. We believe this approach will help to normalize cannabis consumption in Canada and look forward to bringing it out of the shadows into the viewable retail landscape.

3. CANNABIS IN YOUR COMMUNITY WILL BRING HARM While nobody can speak for the entire industry, the research gathered from communities that embrace cannabis businesses describe them as responsible and generous. Colorado communities have seen a huge increase in cannabis company-run clean-ups, outreach events and free workshops in an effort to give back to the communities they serve.

4. CANNABIS COMPANIES MAKE THEIR MONEY FEEDING ADDICTION While cannabis’ addictive qualities are up for discussion, the reality is the legal market provides products for everyday people from all walks of life, including the elderly, the sick and those who simply prefer cannabis to alcohol or potent prescription meds.

5. CANNABIS PROFESSIONALS ARE ALL ‘POTHEADS’ The majority of cannabis industry professionals employ people based on their ability, and no business allows their employees to be inebriated while working. They are the same hard-working, educated entrepreneurs that open the restaurants, bike shops and nail salons you already welcome.

Many communities across North America that have legalized marijuana are already singing the praises of the benefits that come from welcoming legal cannabis as a business into your community, while legitimate complaints of irresponsible practice, are almost non-existent.

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