A History of Cannabis During The Holidays

Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Rohatsu, Yule, Solstice or another tradition you celebrate during December. The Holidays are more like the Holidaze for some individuals and cultures. There is a history of Cannabis use during winter festivities. Today we (Stigma Grow) are going to share that history.

cannabis during the holidays

Although traditions change, plants have always been an important part of any culture. Various plants represent and are used for different purposes throughout the year as much today as in the past. Mistletoe, holly, cinnamon and yes, even cannabis.

Individual Traditions

We’ve all formed our own traditions over the years and consuming cannabis during the holidays really isn’t much different than the rest of the year. However, the season can be quite stressful for some and consuming cannabis products can help relieve that stress. Others may take it further, incorporating it directly into traditions for specific gatherings of friends or even family.

Pagan Solstice / Yule

This is likely the most popular holiday for the consumption of cannabis. Long before Christmas, the winter solstice, often referred to by Pagans as Yule, was celebrated and still is today in some circles. The pagans have always been intimately connected with the seasons and nature. Being that the winter solstice was during the longest and coldest nights of the year, mid-late December was turned into a long party called ‘Yule’. 

“The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth. And the smoke, it encircled his head like a wreath.” (- ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas). In the past, it wasn’t just tobacco that was smoked in pipes but a mixture known as ‘Baccy’. Herbs from the forest and meadow that would have included cannabis. There is speculation that the pipe smoking, mountain spirit Rübezahl was a harbinger to the benevolent pipe toting St. Nicholas we all know about.

Christmas & Hanukkah

Cannabis use amongst the Abrahamic religions is uncertain or lost to history. But let’s be honest… Jesus, with his long flow and the feel-good love and vibes he spread, is often identified as being cannabis friendly. Marijuana oils are likely to have been used before, during and after Jesus’ time. Likely provided to those in need by Jesus himself. 

Cannabis was used in a variety of ways as much in ancient times within the regions that gave birth to Judaism and Christianity. Clothing, paper, food, medicine and so much more. It is believed that the instructions God gave Moses to set up the Tabernacle for worship included a recipe for holy anointing oil that would have been quite potent in cannabis. And the 3 wise men that visited Jesus at his birth? They are believed to be Zorastrians, who regarded the cannabis plant as a gift from god. It’s likely this is one of the gifts bestowed upon the family that night in the manger.

Cannabis During the Canadian Holidays

Depending on the individual, culture, or religious holiday celebrated. Cannabis has been an important staple all over the world during the holidays. This includes Canada, and if you live in Alberta, Stigma Grow’s Dab Bods brand has released some new products just in time for the holiday season. Available for retailers or individuals to order on the Alberta Cannabis Website starting November 12, 2021. We introduce our High THC Spiced Apple, and High CBD Peppermint Twist, 1.0 gram Live Resin Vape Cartridges into Alberta for a limited time during the holiday season.

DAB Bods Spiced Apple Live Resin Vape Cartridges

Featuring warm festive holiday flavours of scrumptious apple pie – one of the most delicious holiday treats. Using BHO extraction techniques to create a pure potent live resin, this high THC cartridge offers our consumers a pure, potent product free of distillates and additives. Created for those looking for therapeutic or recreational benefits of a premiere product, this limited feature cartridge is here for the holidays.

DAB Bods Peppermint Twist CBD Live Resin Vape Cartridges

Featuring the warm festive holiday flavours of sweet peppermint candy – one of the most delicious holiday treats. Using BHO extraction techniques to create a new to market formulation, this pure CBD cartridge offers our consumers all the therapeutic benefits of straight CBD just in time for the holidays. Un-intoxicatingly pure, this calming menthol flavour is destined to be a hit!

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