Cannabis Stigmas

Cannabis legalization in Canada started October 17th, 2018, and as far as Alberta is concerned, the roll-out has been anything but smooth. Confusion over the laws, delays in approval processes and a general lack of sufficient supply has led to frustrations.

As with anything new, there exists an inevitable period of discomfort and adjustment, when outdated mentalities, opinions and stigmas are broken down and re-evaluated to make way for the future’s new views, ideas and opportunities.

Cannabis legalization promised to take a plant that the majority of the world sees for its beneficial attributes, drag it out of the back alleys and black market and into the light, and realize opportunities that only exist in the world’s legal markets. The misguided, fear-based stigmas that began in the early 20th century as a means of controlling industry and ensuring profits stayed in the hands of established big-business were finally going to be replaced with accurate, fact-based education surrounding a plant that can do more beneficial things for more people in-need than most individuals understand.

Those of us who were already sold on the benefits of cannabis looked forward to the chance to finally share it with the masses, fearlessly, within the context of a legal industry bursting with opportunity. Unfortunately, even though the message of the merits of legal cannabis appeared to be generally accepted by the public, a new stigma began to emerge; one that suggested legal cannabis couldn’t compete with the black market’s product quality, availability and price.

A significant disconnect between the supply and demand for the product had Alberta’s retail locations and the public they served, frustrated by limited availability, stale products and underweight offerings that nobody appeared to be willing to take responsibility for. As well, confusion surrounding why some forms of cannabis are legal while others aren’t ,has those who don’t want to smoke dried cannabis still anxiously awaiting for the edibles and extracts they prefer to be legalized as well. Unsatisfied customers complained to store owners, who turned to the LPs and AGLC for answers; but answers were few and far between. Six months into legalization, the industry’s ability to provide for the growing demand for cannabis within Alberta is improving slowly, but we believe there is room within our industry and our province to drastically improve the image of legal cannabis.

Our brand seeks out opportunities to improve upon that which has come before us and continue to carry the torch of cannabis education as the industry continues to evolve to reach and appeal to countless new generations and communities of people.

Starting now, we will guide those interested in learning the truth behind legal cannabis’ ability to provide:

• Significant health benefits • Business and investment opportunities • Alternative consumption options • Unmatched quality and consistency • Evolved growth and production technology • Engaged community of like-minded enthusiasts

We are Stigma Grow – and we are influencing the perception of cannabis one incredible offering at a time.

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