Limoncello Resin Infused Pre Rolls

Time to get comfortable with Limoncello Resin-Infused Pre-rolls! Merging The Original Lemonade and Cherry Pie, Limoncello showcases the distinct and strong flavors & aromas of lemon with hints of mango, pine and pepper. Carefully fusing premium bud with our renowned resin, these pre-rolls guarantee a high-end experience, all neatly rolled into 3 x 0.5g cones for your convenience. Whether savored individually or shared among friends, these vibrant flavors ensure a lasting impact. Ignite your journey and immerse yourself in the intricate blend of tastes and scents within this harmonious fusion of concentrate and pre-roll, while enhancing your consumption with the refined profile that Limoncello Resin-Infused Pre-rolls offer.

  • STRAIN Limoncello
  • STRAIN TYPE Hybrid
  • FLAVOR PROFILE Lemon, Mango, Pine, Pepper
  • SIZE(S) 3 pack of 0.5 gram Pre-Rolls = 1.5g
  • Avg THC
  • Avg CBD
  • Avg Terps
  • TOP TERPENES Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene
  • Product available in : Manitoba