Pineapple Chunk Resin Infused Pre Rolls

DAB Bods Resin Infused Pre-rolls featuring the popular strain “Pineapple Chunk” – a hybrid that has been known to creep up on people with relaxing body effects and tingly head high. Robust flavours of cheese and earthy skunk, with subtle notes of pineapple explode out of these 3 packs, providing a perfect combination of concentrate and pre roll.

  • STRAIN Pineapple Chunk
  • STRAIN TYPE Hybrid
  • FLAVOR PROFILE Cheese, Earthy, Pineapple, Skunk
  • SIZE(S) 3 pack of 0.5 gram Pre-Rolls = 1.5g
  • Avg THC
  • Avg CBD
  • Avg Terps
  • TOP TERPENES Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene
  • Product available in : Alberta