If you need to know one thing about the fast-emerging, ever-evolving world of legal cannabis, it’s that your business doesn’t have a chance at success without a little spending restraint. Too many shooting stars of cannabis in 2017-2019 learned the hard way that fiscal responsibility is what makes or breaks a company’s future. Thankfully for Stigma Grow, Jessica von Hollen is the Accounting Controller, and although she may not be the company’s cannabis consumption frontrunner, her leadership shines where it counts most: keeping Stigma Grow in the black.

Q: First of all, why did you choose a career in cannabis? Where were you working before and what brought you here?

I came to Stigma from an accounting firm that was working with Travis & Kim McIntyre. We made an instant connection and I was intrigued by the cannabis industry.


Q: Job Title and brief explanation of what your day-to-day entails.

As the accounting Controller my day-to-day entails lots of calculations and spreadsheets! Most would say I have the most boring job in the facility (lol).

The position I have can be a challenging one as the controller is responsible for ensuring all financial matters are in order and I am often required to make tough decisions.


Q: What do you think Stigma Grow offers that other companies (cannabis or otherwise) cannot match?

Stigma Grow is truly a family working together to ensure success. We are a hard working bunch of individuals that see the greater good, helping our company and the industry grow. I think that while a lot of companies may claim this, Stigma Grow lives and breathes it.


Q: When it comes to legal cannabis products, which do you choose to consume and why?

I have only tried a couple of products, gummies and chocolates. I am not a huge fan of smoking so my choices are limited.


Q: What excites you about the future of legal cannabis?

The different products and health benefits of them. As a Cannabis newbie, it’s exciting to learn about the different strains and products and what they can do. Ultimately helping people is my greatest reward so if we can do that with our education and products. that is very exciting for me.


Q: Which stigma surrounding cannabis as a plant or the legal cannabis industry in general irks you the most? What do you believe needs to be done to combat it?

There seems to be this belief that anyone who provides any products or services to the cannabis industry can charge more just because its cannabis. We call it the Cannabis Tax, it really bothers me because we are already at a disadvantage competing with the black market, so being charged extra for basic services based on a misconception that we are all blinged out drug dealers over here is something extra that has taken some time to get used to.

However, I feel that there is a slow shift happening in society and eventually the cannabis industry will be accepted mainstream – at least the way liquor is. I think education surrounding the benefits and scientific studies that prove what we all already know will definitely help.


Q: Can you share a story about cannabis that showcases its ability to bring joy, relief or connectivity? 

Though I have limited experience with Cannabis use, I really enjoyed the giddy felling provided by the edibles.

I love to laugh and that was really brought out as I thought everything was funny! I gave myself quite an ab workout laughing so much.


Q: Favourite quote or saying about cannabis. 

“People say you can abuse marijuana. You can abuse cheeseburgers. Does that mean we should close Burger King.” – Joe Rogan


Q: Where were you born and raised?

 Born and raised in Rocky Mountain House, I proudly share my hometown with many of the other staff members of Stigma Grow😊


Q: Favourite Stigma Strain.

Can’t say as I have used enough to have a favourite yet, but I think I prefer Indicas.


Q: Favourite way to consume cannabis.

I would have to say Edibles as that is the only form I have consumed.





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