What Are Pre-Rolls?

Pre-rolled cannabis is a joint (or doobie) that has been pre-rolled for your convenience. With all the ways to consume marijuana, the joint will always be a common and classic way to smoke your weed. Pre-rolls are also low-cost, discreet, easy to dispose of, and are shareable with friends.

How Do You Roll a Joint?

First, you need some dried and cured marijuana buds. You can use any of the loose cannabis “shake” or grind up the cannabis flower to roll your joint with. When you have your shake or ground up cannabis ready, get your paper and load it up. If you have a rolling tray, lay the paper down on it before dispersing the marijuana. Be sure the adhesive strip is face up. Pick up the filled paper, use your thumbs and index fingers and pinch the paper together. Gently roll the cannabis inside to pack it down a bit, don’t worry if some of your flower falls out. After packing the weed into a cylinder shape, tuck the non-adhesive side down. Then lick or wet the sticky strip and seal the now rolled doobie.

You can also roll your joints with a “crutch”. Most pre-rolled cannabis products that can be bought in stores use crutches to serve as a mouthpiece. While not needed, they reinforce the pre-roll at mouth end, providing better airflow. They can also lessen the risk of you burning your lips.

What is Shake?

Shake is what’s typical to use in pre-rolled weed. Shake often gets looked down on as some users classify it as the low-quality part of the marijuna flower. This isn’t a necessary truth. Shake, in essence, is the smaller pieces that have fallen off the same quality nuggets. There are cautions to take though. Shake can be lower quality if it’s too dry, gets left out too long or contains seeds and stems. Don’t confuse trim for shake, if you cut open a pre-roll it should still have a similar look as grinding up some new bud.

What Else Can Pre-Rolls Be Called?

Pre-rolled cannabis joints go by various names. This can change based on country, province/state, or even between smaller communities. The size of the pre-roll, what it’s rolled with or added ingredients can also determine what it’s called. Here are some of the more common and popular terms for a marijuana pre-roll.

  • Joint
  • “J” or Jay
  • Doobie
  • Fatty
  • Pinner
  • Blunt
  • Spliff

Are There Different Types of Pre-Rolled Cannabis?

There are many ways to roll your weed into joints.  Use different types of paper. Or add extra ingredients, like your favorite concentrate. We won’t get into all the sub variations and trick rolls. But, we’ve compiled a list of some of the more common ways to roll your cannabis.

Classic Joint

Various studies show different results on the weight of a standard doobie. But, your classic joint will usually have anywhere from 0.35 – 1.0 grams of cannabis rolled into it. Roll the joint with a crutch for a more effective and efficient way to smoke them.

King Sized Doobies

In reality, this is a super-sized version of your “Classic” doobie but on a larger scale. King sized doobies usually range from 1.0 – 2.0 grams but you can roll them as large as you want. Roll them long and skinny or short and fat, with or without a crutch (our suggestion is with).

Blunts & Spliffs

Add some tobacco to your joints to make Blunts or Spliffs. Known as a blunt, take ground up cannabis and roll it inside a cigar casing. Some people will roll their blunts right inside a tobacco leaf. Or combine your dried herb with some loose tobacco inside the paper to roll a spliff. Cannabis users may also choose to roll their spliffs with a tobacco leaf.

Kief Joints

As the name suggests, fill these joints up and rolled with them with kief. Roll them in paper, roll them in a cigar case, roll them in a tobacco leaf… But roll them with all kief, only kief and nothing but kief!

Caviar Joints

Have you ever wanted to travel to the moon? Have you heard of moon rocks? They’re considered the “caviar” of the cannabis world. Nuggets of weed, dipped or rolled in extract, and then smothered in kief. Break up those moon rocks and mix them in with your dried and ground up cannabis flower. Last step, roll it all up to make your very own caviar joints.

Infused Pre-Rolls

Infuse cannabis extract, like resin or rosin, right into that fatty. Think of a syringe lining a strip of oil right on your bed of weed before it’s rolled-up. Take it a step further, and roll it in kief, hash oil, or a THCA/CBDA powdered Isolate.

Where To Find Good Pre-Rolled Joints?

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