5 Common Stigmas Surrounding Cannabis Businesses

You don’t have to look very hard to find misinformation about cannabis. For decades, movies, commercials and concerned-citizen public service announcements have grossly misrepresented both its effects and the types of people who consume it. And while we would never suggest that cannabis is a […]

The Effects of Cannabis on Teens and Adolescents

There are plenty of amazing things that can be done with cannabis, but just because it helps so many people, doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with risks. Just like anything, but especially recreational drugs, how it affects one person can be completely different than how […]

A Brief History of Cannabis

Cannabis has certainly gained popularity over the past few years, but the fact is cannabis has been a popular go-to for humans for a very long time. Thanks to its textile and medicinal applications, it has been a source of rope, clothing, sails, pain relief […]

Why Should Anyone Turn Away from the Black Market to Buy “Legal” Cannabis?

As I stand in my buddy Steve’s garage smoking a well-deserved joint at the end of a long day, talk turns to the fact that even though he’s smoked for decades, and has good friends in the legal cannabis industry, he has yet to set […]

Cannabis Types (Sativa, Hybrid, Indica)

When it comes to understanding the different types of cannabis, understanding the difference between Sativa and Indica strains is a good place to start. • Origins: while both types of plants are now available worldwide, Indica is said to have originated in the Middle East while […]

Is Cannabis Dangerous?

With Canada’s legalization of cannabis, all kinds of people have been exposed to new stores, messaging and an apparent increase in use as what used to be taboo is now very much in the mainstream. For years, Canadians have been able to access cannabis for […]

Cannabis Stigmas

Cannabis legalization in Canada started October 17th, 2018, and as far as Alberta is concerned, the roll-out has been anything but smooth. Confusion over the laws, delays in approval processes and a general lack of sufficient supply has led to frustrations. As with anything new, […]

Cannabis: CBD Versus THC

With the relatively recent legalization of cannabis in Canada, many people who previously had no interest in exploring what was classified as an illegal drug, are now open to becoming educated on the reality behind its many offerings and advantages. At Canadabis, our goal is […]